Comp&Math.with Appls. Vol.128 pp.511-529, 1986

Crystallographic Patterns

Кн. S. Мamedov

Institute of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Azerbaijani Academy of

Sciences, Baku 370I43,U.S.S.R.

Abstract — The primary aim of this paper is to describe the main principles of crystallographic patterns (CPs) and their distribution and connection with natuтal phenomеna and subjects of applied art. It is shown that these principles are in many respects simщlar to those governing the behaviпr of two-dimensional crystals.

One may already find in ancient CPs the elements of colored symmetry and examples of pattern elements which have been discovered in our own times. Such СРз are very characteristic of ancient and medieval decoratiпns of Siberia, Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Azerbaijan, and Asia Minor.

Iп modern times CPs are closely connected with the паme of М. Escher. The growing interest in his drawings shows that CPs have considerable potential as а tool for applied art even now. It is shown that the systematic study of CPs is very useful for the understanding and description of ancient and medieval art decoration from the aforementioned countries.

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