Program "WYCKOFF"

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R.V.Galiulin, Crystallography

Reports, volum 40, No.3, 1995




Recently results in diffe-

rent fields of human activity have shown the outstanding role of

crystallographic regularity. It occur in all the cases where one

deals with indistinguishable objects in all spaces with constant

curvature (euclidean, hyperbpolic, spherical). The aim of this

computer program is to give to the people without special trai-

ning both in the field of crystallography and in the computer

science the possibility of comfortable working on IBM PC computer

with regular systems of objects in euclidean space. Its named in

honour of R.W.G.Wyckoff whose classifications of regular systems

of points forms the base of this program.

The travel to the country of regularity begins from a Rainbowu

Table (each system has its own colour) of the 230 space groups.

Let us choose one from these groups and you'll see all geometri-

cally different regularities which are generate from this group,

i.e. the Wyckoff positions. For the selected space group we see

on display the Bravais parallelepiped with all objects of regular

system which belong to it. You may rotate Bravais parallelepiped,

looking through all of its projections. You may also save each of

these pictures in special files, print there for a journal -

scientific or artistic. The program include all data from the

International Tables. Adding extra modules to this program (for

spherical groups which have place in fullerenes, for hyperbolic

groups - which have places in quasicrystals and in neutron stars,

for irreducible representations table, for construction Dirichlet

and Delone partitions, for creating of locally-euclidean

manifolds, for study incommensurate structures, for construction

Patterson vector sets, for modelling local grow of crystals and

so on) we have opportunity not only for numerical and graphical

presentations all kinds of problems connection with regularity,

but it help us to notice all beauties considering problems.

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